Radios Slideshow CK

Motorola DM 3601
70cm FM & DMR
TYT MD 380
Icom ID-5100
Duel Band DSTAR & FM
Icom ID 800
2m & 70 fm and dstar
Yeasu FTM-400XDR
Duelband FM and Fusion
Motorla XTS-5000
UHF FM & P25
Ailunce HD1
Duel Band DMR & fm
Motorola XTL 2500
70CM FM & P25
Icom IC-756 Pro III
160m to 6M
Icom IC -7000
160 to 70cm all mode analog

HF Propagation data

Hi and welcome to


My name is Adam, I became instersted in amateur radio and electrionics as a teenager back in the early 90's

I started out in CB Radio in the late 80's so i got off cb radio in the mid 90s to early 2000's then in 2008 a mate of mine said why dont you get back on radio so i did and obtained my Ausralian foundation linence in November 2008 about six months after i got back on CB radio and on October 15Th 2013 i obtained my Austarlian Standard linence . I have been a SWL also for many years. I enjoy DXing, Contesting, or getting on the air weather its HF or VHF or UHF and having a good rag chew about everything and anything. I can be found on DMR Brandmeister TG505 a fair bit of the time or DMR+ TG3800 and if its up your more then welcome to give a shout on my echolink node VK2PWR-L.


QSL Information

eQsl uploaded after every QSO
HRDlog uploaded after every QSO
Qrz logbook uploaded after every  QSO
Clublog uploaded after every QSO
LoTW uploaded once a week 
Please note I no longer do physical QSL cards